DATE: 07/26/00 Wed. FILE NO.515 : END OF DAYS



1999年12月31日<ミレニアム>最後の日、地獄の扉が開かれ闇の支配者・悪魔<サタン>が復活する・・・。悪魔は次の千年を支配するため人類滅亡の瞬間を待ち受けていた。しかし、その運命を変える可能性を秘めた一人の女が立ち上がった。世紀末のニューヨークを舞台に、全人類の未来を賭けた最終戦争が始まった。(c)1999 BEACON COMMUNICATIONS,LLC.All Rights Reserved.

A Schwarzenegger is just back as he promised. "End of Days" is the first movie after his recovery from heart failure. It is a blockbuster film and was naturally expected to make a tremendous hit as he always did in his action movies. Spending tons of money and using high qualified CG, the movie has achieved a boxoffice success.The movie is the story about a battle between good and evil to save the world. It sounds quite ordinary, but the Director's succeeded in turning it into an extra-ordinary one as using his own techniques.Especially, Gabriel Byrne(Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing, Enemy of the State and so on) performs the Satan incredibly good. If he hadn't taken the role, this movie would have been an ordinary film.As an action film, "End of Days" is quite worth watching in a theatre, which costs you around 1700yen

BGM: Happy Summer Wedding by モーニング娘