FILE NO.512 : 20/July/2000 英語のお勉強




I've deicided to write an article, an essay, a journal, and a review in English.That's why I realized that my English ability is still poor.Today's Journal : I went to Shinjuku to buy a game soft today. In a shop, Sakuraya, I was so fascinated by both soccer and baseball game. However, I changed my mind to buy either of them. Well, I bought a DVD soft, "THE SIXTH SENSE", instead. You know, there is another ending in it. I'm going to see it from now on.1hour later...In my personal opinion, the Deleted Scenes aren't necessary at all. The movie is extremely good without them. Whatever the director says, I do believe that he's done a tremendous job.In conclusion, I love the released version very much anyway.